Amazonite Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Amazonite is the Semi-Precious beautiful stone known as the "thinking stone". It is thought to sooth the nervous system, giving strength to the body and heart, creating an uplifted feeling of well being.
Manufacturer: Equilibrium
Availability: In stock

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Made with genuine Semi-Precious Amazonite.

Amazonite is a cloudy blue turquoise colour.

This pendant is set with a circular Amazonite disc and overlayed with a silver Tree of Life.

The rim of the pendant is decorated with diamante crystals.

Gift Boxed in a Cream and Navy Spotty Box with Cream Velvet Interior.

*Please note the Amazonite is a naturally occuring stone, colour, depth or colour and markings are individual to each stone. No 2 necklaces will look exactly the same.